The PoliRural project will be used in Vidzeme Planning Region pilot, one of the 12 PoliRural pilot areas. The region is currently in the process of elaboration of a regional level policy document for the next planning period – Regional Development Programme for 2021-2027, where policy planning methods created by PoliRural consortium will be applied.

The main task for the Vidzeme Planning Region is to ensure regional planning and coordination, as well as cooperation between municipalities and governmental institutions. The mission is to coordinate and promote long-term and well-balanced development of the Vidzeme region. PoliRural project will exploit range of rural policy development methods, including foresight, dynamic system modelling, text mining and others, which can help to increase rural attractiveness by more strategic approach.

The views and knowledge of regional inhabitants, potential and existing newcomers, farmers, entrepreneurs, skilled and competitive professionals – stakeholders that make strong community for the rural ecosystem – are essential for the rural attractiveness in regions and for the development of regional policy.

Therefore, considering the relevance of PoliRural objectives and methodologies, the planning methods of PoliRural will be applied in the Vidzeme Regional Development Programme for 2021-2027, and project results strongly considered and integrated into the Programme.

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