On Monday 7th October 2019, there was a meeting between some of the Plan4all members and the Pilsen Region. The aim of this meeting was to introduce the Plan4all association and its activities done via its members, to discuss potential calls in Horizon 2020 next year where Pilsen Region could play a role and to present the PoliRural project. The Plan4all members included the University of West Bohemia, Help Service and Remote Sensing, Czech Centre for Science and Society, WirelessInfo and Úhlava o.p.s.

The presentations were divided into three sections:

  1. Transport and infrastructure
  2. Regional development and education
  3. Climate changes, agricultural applications, sensors and innovation hubs.

In the section devoted to regional development and education, the PoliRural project was presented. The meeting was concluded with a discussion about possible implementation of results in the Pilsen Region and about cooperation on potential future projects in the frame of H2020.

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