PoliRural consortium has published on May 2020 a paper about Rural Attractiveness, a central issue in PoliRural. There has been a growing interest in assessing the attractiveness of territories, especially rural ones, from the perspective of stakeholders, such existing exiting rural populations, potential newcomers and new entrants.

As part of the PoliRural project, the aim of the presented research was determined – to create the initial vision (i.e. definition) of rural attractiveness by considering factors that influence people’s desire to live and work in rural areas. To that end, a mixed method approach combining qualitative and quantitative techniques was used. The overall research framework was executed in several sequential steps: brainstorming, literature review, survey questionnaire, data analysis, and evaluation. In defining rural attractiveness, two different but interrelated perspectives were considered, one focusing on people, the other on the entire rural ecosystem. During internal survey of project participants—respondents prioritized definitions by assigning points or scores on their preferred definition. Accordingly, an initial vision’s definition of rural attractiveness was created based on the highest assessment score.

You can download the full article in the following link.

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