PoliRural pilot Monaghan, located in Ireland, has launched the “Monaghan Migrant Integration Strategy and Action Plan 2020-2023”, a very important tool to implement the work carried out in the pilot.

The three-year strategy, commissioned by Monaghan Integrated Development and undertaken by KW Research and Associates, sets out Monaghan Local Community Development Committee’s plan to ensure the integration of all those who live in county Monaghan. The vision for Monaghan is one that celebrates the diversity of our communities. A county where everyone who lives, works and visits are valued, respected and supported to fully participate and contribute to their communities. We aim to achieve this goal through collaboration, interagency working and promoting values of equality, dignity and inclusion.

The Action Plan has six goals (Language Skills; Access to public services; Education and training; Employment and business training; Wider community integration and acceptance; Housing and Accommodation) and will implement 38 diverse and important actions in the pilot.

You can find more about this plan here.

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