Two newcomers to the Galilee periphery, Mr. Omri Sagron, the owner and pedagogical consultant of the Cyber School SME in Israel, and Mr. Netzah Topaz, CEO, have decided to settle in the periphery after it was understood that work from a distance is possible, and the ecology in Galilee is attractive. They decided to establish the Cyber training company HIGHDELE and establish its headquarters in the north of Israel, with a very clear focus on training children in Israel and giving them an equal opportunity to advance and succeed in the local and international cyber field. From this peripheral region in Israel, they are operating a large number of activities.

It is a good example of the mission defined by the MIGAL team, in collaboration with the stakeholders, on upgrading the Galilee periphery’s digitalisation infrastructure. Cyber School has specialised in teaching informal technological training within the various educational frameworks with great success, primarily because of the professionalism and ability to develop unique content and courses. In this way, they motivate the students to succeed, inspiring them to practice the material, thus assimilating the material learned in the best way.

In order to promote the high-tech industry in northern Galilee, it is required to establish a process. There are many bodies and actors in the government, politics, entrepreneurs, investors, academia, security and more. The move needed of opening an accelerator and a technological community in the north is a move that is causing a chain reaction. Investors will discover a new north, entrepreneurship, conferences, quality people, and understand that it is worth investing in the country’s north.

The intention is that large high-tech companies will notice that it is possible to save a little and move a small development department to the north. There is already education, a population, and there are investors. Resources are relatively cheap. It is worth making even the slightest movement to encourage the growth of this high-tech industry in the north.

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