In the context of the foresight activities, two online meetings were held on 26 of June, 2021 with targeted stakeholders to finalize the vision for the Region of Central Greece and discuss the potential activities and initiatives that could be included in the action plan. Particularly, during the first meeting it was pointed out the importance of creating a new type of physical agricultural stores that will sell directly the products of producers without the use of intermediaries, as an initiative to enhance both local producers and consumers.

The need for technological modernization of farms was also highlighted along with the need for finding financial tools that will support this action. While, during second meeting it was stressed the need to implement intensive education and tailor-made training course to the producers which is necessary to lead, in addition to improving the quality of production and better management of the crop, to the increase of their income. Achieving this goal must be linked to producers’ advice on what they should grow and in what quantities and soils in order to have a guaranteed income. It was also mentioned, the need to evaluate the knowledge assimilated through the utilization of precision agriculture.

In addition, the organized meetings provided the opportunity to the attendees to get informed regarding PoliRural processes, while boosting potential networking activities.

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