Vidzeme Planning Region organized an informative seminar on the 4th of November to complement regional expertise on trends, opportunities, and methods to promote local development.

There was widespread interest in the event, with nearly 90 people listening to the online presentations. The main participants of the seminar were representatives from local governments – both development and planning specialists and project managers, and others.

Experts from the partners of the PoliRural project also shared their knowledge. Patrick Crehan, the founder, and chief executive of CKA, gave a broad insight into global trends and reported on the European Union’s policy to promote better local development. Meanwhile, Antoni Oliva Quesada, specializing explicitly in system-dynamic modeling and regional and urban development scenarios, presented System Dynamic Modeling to identify and predict local development scenarios.

The event also addressed topics such as the EU Green Deal, its role, and potential opportunities within the work of local government. Also, methods and approaches of citizen participation were discussed to show how practically involve local communities in processes of local government development. This issue was presented engagingly and understandably by Anita Selicka from the Latvian Rural Forum, which is also the project’s partner organization and whose knowledge is essential to consider.

PoliRural project expert in Latvia Krišjānis Veitners presented methods that were used in the process of developing the Vidzeme Planning Region Development Programme 2030.

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