The Region of Central Greece continues running the pilot activity and is elaborating the Regional Action Plan. The overall vision of Central Greece is to become a digital transformation pioneer region, where people and businesses can reach their full potential and embrace the assets of technology in the key economic sectors of the region such as agriculture and tourism. To this end, three online meeting were conducted with key stakeholders of the region, including high profile members of local community, members of administration of public and private bodies and experts with a high level of knowledge in both agri-food and tourism sector. The first version of the document was discussed in detail, analysing the possible ways of improving the action plan. Most comments were received on topics such as tourism development, and pathways to connect tourism with agricultural sector.

Mariana Liaskou, Regional Tourism Officer points out: An important challenge of Central Greece is the modernization of accommodation and quality services. Special emphasis should be placed on upgrading tourist services, infrastructure, and certainly the education of the employees, while the promotion must be targeted per thematic tourism product. Synergies with local population, companies and organizations that specialize in tourism are necessary for strengthening existing tourism products (hiking, religious, spa tourism).

Vasilis Karachristos, Agronomist/ Farmer points out: Research, business and policy organizations are available, however, they should join forces and set clear goals to generate higher value.  It is not going to be an easy road, but this can be a start.

Author: Nicoleta Darra (Agricultural University of Athens)

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