General Info:

  • Date: 13 June 2022 |11:00 – 12:00 CET
  • Focus: Foresight framework
  • Moderator: 21C
  • Experts: CKA
  • Pilots: MAC (IE) & AgFutura (NMK)


Foresight as a discipline has been around for decades, with applications spanning a wide range of industries, from retail to rural development. Most recently, foresight has been used by the European Commission to develop a long-term vision for rural areas up to 2040. While foresight has been gaining in popularity, a common error is to think that foresight and future studies are synonymous. Future studies have their merit and are appropriate in certain contexts, but they are not the same as foresight, which is more action oriented and participatory rather than purely research based. This webinar will present the foresight framework used in the PoliRural project as a tool for managing change in rural regions. Participants will be introduced to key concepts and methods underpinning the framework, before learning about preliminary results of its implementation in the region of Monaghan (IE) and Gevgelija-Strumica (NMK). The event will feature an interactive session to allow participants to ask questions and/or respond to any of the points mentioned in the presentations.

Experts & Pilots:

Dr. John J. O’Flaherty (M), Technical Director of MAC, Ireland’s National Microelectronics Applications Centre, which improves people’s lives and communities through project management and person-centred application of innovative technologies and techniques. Working with the community development company, Monaghan Integrated Development, John is proving the PoliRural approach as a successful rural development model for all regions. John is experienced in delivering green IoT distributed-system solutions, particularly for the smart monitoring of power grids, and ICT systems & Apps for people with special needs.

Blagoja Mukanov PhD candidate – expert in Agricultural Economics in Emerging Economies, based on 16+ years of practical experience in policy and business, combined with strong academic background in economics, strategy and management. Main professional focus, introduction and implementation of modern technologies and agricultural innovations in everyday agriculture, both in corporate and individual farming. Managing director of AgFutura Technologies with long experience in agricultural development and innovative projects with special accent of digital technologies as means for agricultural development.

Patrick Crehan is an expert in the management of research and innovation, linking research and innovation with education, training and economic development. He sees Foresight as a change management tool, driving the successful implementation of local policy agendas. In providing the framework for use of foresight in the PoliRural project, he highlights its role in the transformation of rural regions, and in addressing key challenges faced by local governments as they try to align with the new and emerging model of European democracy.

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