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PoliRural Polish Pilot Final Meeting

On 2 September 2022, European Rural Development Network organised the closing meeting with
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Findings on the Application of SDM to the Exploration of Policy Options for Regional Foresight

A key objective of the PoliRural project is to explore the use of
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Experience of the Monaghan Irish PoliRural foresight pilot

The Monaghan Irish PoliRural pilot’s Foresight activities have directly involved 0.3% of the
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The results of the ex-durante report show benefit both for the planning process and pilots’ teams

The main task of the ex-durante evaluation was to document the progress made,
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PoliRural results and sustainability

As PoliRural draws to a close, it must grapple with one of the
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Effective Mechanisms to Address New Governance Challenges in European Rural Areas

This online event entitled “Effective mechanisms to address new governance challenges in European
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