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New entrants and new activities in the Flanders PoliRural Pilot

The rural economies in the twelve pilots of the PoliRural project are characterized
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Lessons learned from PoliRural: PoliRural Greek Pilot recent developments

In Central Greece, the pilot activities revolved around the evaluation of the Measure
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SEGÓBRIGA 21st century: developing an interactive app for tourism innovation

The PoliRural Spanish pilot aims to explore the possibilities of a better tourist
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PoliRural Greek pilot organized a series of webinars to discuss the factors influencing local development in rural areas

One of the key objectives of the PoliRural project is the identification of
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Invitation to Open Spring INSPIRE Hackathon 2021

PoliRural invites you to participate in the “Open Spring INSPIRE Hackathon 2021”, a
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PoliRural creates an Evaluation Based Cluster Map of PoliRural 12 Pilots

PoliRural has developed and published an Evaluation Based Cluster Map of PoliRural 12
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